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Francesca Townsend

  • Favourite Class to teach: Meta Fit
  • My favourite exercise: has to be squat jumps, or jumping lunges
  • Favourite Colour Fitness Outfit: has to be purple, same as our logo
  • Best Fitness moment so far: Teaching 700 people dressed up as Santa’s for the Farleigh Hospice Santa Fun Run, was so much fun!
  • Favourite Food: Salmon and a healthy salad!
  • My worst vice: chocolate cookies! We share this love don’t bring any to our classes as they won’t last for long…

Chloe Townsend

  • Favourite Class to teach: Zumba
  • My favourite song: Any Bruno Mars song, Uptown Funk is always a good tune!
  • Favourite exercise: Weighted Squats with either a Dumbbell or Kettle Bell
  • Favourite Fitness Colour to Wear: Same as Francesca, Purple!
  • Best Fitness Moment so far: Has to be teaching the 19,000 attendees at The
    Colour Run, Wembley! Was a brilliant atmosphere.
  • Favourite Food: Roast Dinner
  • My worst vice: chocolate cookies! I’ll fight Francesca for them…
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